Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spoon is in the House!

So all this talk about Deck and Garageband was all about this month's song. Or more should I say, the song I'm working on for April at this point. It's called "Spock Sox". I had totally redone the song in Garageband and liked it a lot. But then I listened to the older version I had done in Deck and liked it even more except for the fact that Deck would cut off the first second or two.

So today I spent all morning figuring out how to transfer the original tracks from Deck into Garageband. I ended up doing a crazy roundabout thing of mixing down each track in Deck as a separate .WAV file which I would then import into Garageband. One track at a time. As I said it took me a few hours but it was totally worth it. Now instead of the drum machine tracks I was using in the Garageband version I have a version with real drums courtesy of my man Spoon.

We spent a few days recording his drums tracks awhile back. I love the way they sound. It makes the song sound much more open and gives it more "air". I'm also just glad that Spoon is going to be represented on the April Pudge Song of the Month. I felt sort of bad that he wasn't on the first song I put out there. Sweet!

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