Monday, August 16, 2010

August delay

I haven't done anything with music this month. I've been too busy being Mr. Mom. The kids are out of school for the summer and it seems like every day is crazy. It's really hard to find the time to sit down and really concentrate on making music. They'll be back in school in September and I know I'll have more time again then but as for now...

My plan is to get at least something up this month. I don't care if it's on the 31st... as long as it's in August I'll be OK with it. Then I'll try to get the September song as quickly as I can and then get the October song out on the 1st. I already know what song I have planned for October and it's already done.

so there we go. time to try to get back to work and get a little work done.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Intersting article

A young girl in the UK used an 80 year old Charlie Chaplin song in a video to raise money for charity. The company that owns the copyright asked the girl to pay about $4000 in licensing fees fer permission to use the song.

This is why I can't make the music that I want legally. In the last song I posted I used samples from three different sources. It could cost me about $12000 to put out that song legally. For an artist like me who doesn't make any money from their music and is only doing it for pleasure this is crazy! How could I possibly come up with that kind of money just to record one of my songs?