Friday, April 23, 2010

a Pudge original

haven't posted in about a week... it's been a crazy month it seems. today is the first day all week without kids around. still running a bunch of errands but I thought I would post something that's been on my mind.

I occurred to me that the song for May is going to be very different from the previous songs in one very important way. "Dead Pope" is a total Pudge original. There's a brief sample to start the song but otherwise all of the music is original and written by me and my friends.

As a matter of fact the songwriting credits will be Gray/Gray/Wardo. Spoon plays live drums so as far as I'm concerned he's a co-writer of the song. The second Gray though is my daughter Elli! We actually wrote this song together. She really helped come up with the lyrics and the melody. We wrote it together during that brief period when she was interested in music and learning how to play the guitar. Since then art and drawing have become her passions. But I'm very glad I recorded "Dead Pope" when we came up with the idea. A very nice/cool audio memory of her youth and our time together.

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