Monday, April 26, 2010

Fan letters

So I was driving around the other day listening to the iPod on random mix when "Stan" by Eminem came on. While I was listening to the song it hit me...

I also get "fan" letters. and I've been a jerk about answering them.

one of the reasons it all hit me was that it had never even occurred to me that I get fan letters. I can be so self depreciating at times. but every time I send out the email with the song of the month I get responses back. Some of them are really nice notes from my friends. and what do I do? treat them like any other email and eventually write back. when I get the time... and I've been bad about it. Sometimes I haven't written back to my friends for weeks at a time.

In a way I was unintentionally acting like a stuck up rock star. To busy with my own life to get back to my fans. Exactly the opposite of what I think I am.

So from now on I have made a promise to myself to write back right away to anyone who is kind enough to send me a note.

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