Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of Order

So I was planning on alternating each month between a more "traditional" rock song with lyrics and a "noise" sample based piece. March was "The Hate Song" and April was "Spock Sox" so I was planning on a very specific song for next month with lyrics for May. But June is my wedding anniversary and it's a big one. One of my fave songs that I've recorded is a good old fashioned love song. So I really wanted to release the love song in June. But that would throw my lyrics/noise thing out of order. Should I do two noise songs in a row after if I do lyrical songs in a row? I guess if that's my biggest problem things are going well! In a way it's nice to know what I've got planned for the next few months. I think as the site grows larger and larger and there is more and more material up it will attract more interest as well. I got some really great notes about Spock Sox. I honestly can't wait to put out the next one. ;-)

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