Friday, February 19, 2010

keeping focused...

I can already see how hard it might be during this "project" to stay focused.

For instance, I've become totally obsessed with a group recently. The LCD Soundsystem. I only discovered them about a month ago but they've quickly become one of my favorite groups. I particularly love the lyrics to "Losing My Edge". I can totally identify with a lot of it. One of the first things that hit me when I heard it was that I would love to do a cover version of it. With my own life experiences put into the lyrics.

and check this out... I was hanging with Spoon today and was talking to him about "Losing My Edge". I ended up singing a bunch of the lyrics to him and he could totally identify as well. He said to me, "dude, you should totally do a cover of it but change the words to reflect your own life."! so of course I have to do this...

but I also need to do a bunch of coding and writing and mixing just in the next week to get the first "Pudge Song Of The Month" up. so already a bit of a conflict.

but I think it's a good thing to stay focused. and now I have a very cool idea in the can as well. so it's all good!

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