Monday, February 22, 2010


Today is my birthday! Usually I make an effort to take a personal day and not go to work on my birthday. For some strange reason I didn't think about that so I have to go to work tonight. Not a big deal... I need the money.

But I've been having a fun/nice day in the meantime. I think "The Hate Song" is ready to go. I spent most of the morning working on it. Redid the vocal intro thing and then I redid the vocal tracks as well. I had one note that was off in the original recording. I ended up recording two takes of the vocal track and using them both. I think it sounds really nice to have both of them going at once. It supposed to be a trick that the Beatles used a lot.

Then I spent a bunch of time trying to add some beats to the thing. Tried a few different things and had something that was starting to sound really good. But then I decided to try it once again with no extra percussion sounds, just the samples, and muted the stuff I had done out. I liked it better that way. There really is no need for extra percussion/drums. It sounds great the way it is in my humble opinion. More "clean" as well without the extra stuff.

So now I'm off to mix it down, burn a CD, convert it to an MP3, and try to load it up to the web site. March 1st should be no problem.

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