Friday, February 19, 2010


gotta go to bed soon... but it's been an interesting night.

I mixed down the "single" version of "The Hate Song (ELO)". It took me about two hours. Going through each track and putting in the fade ins and fade outs. Cutting out the stuff at the end. (that's a topic for another post)

I listened to it three times in a row and I love it.

burned it to a CD. imported it back into the computer but this time as a MP3 file. when I tried to upload it to the hosting place I got an error message.

"The file exceeded the file size limit of 500kb and was not uploaded."


I checked the size of the MP3 file and it's 5.3MB so yeah... it's way past the limit. but I don't remember seeing anything about a "limit" on file sizes when I signed up at this place. and I'm supposed to have 512MB with the plan that I bought so I thought I was fine. So I'm pissed.

I went through all the FAQ's on the site and the info on the plans and I don't see shit about a limit on uploading size. This could really throw a monkey wrench into my plans and I only have a week to go. I can get everything up but the song itself?! fuck...

sorry for the language but I'm upset.

I sent off an email to the customer service folks at the hosting company. I'll see what they have to say. I'm sort of upset that they don't have a phone number listed. My question to them was if they had a number I could call. We'll see if they respond. I sent a message to them about a week ago and never heard back.

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