Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Icing On The Cake

so I got an awesome present for my birthday. a new 120GB iPod!

I had a 30GB one but I had completely filled it up. I've really gotten into listening to new music recently. I figured out how to create a playlist to not sync my entire library but I still didn't have enough room. I had to cut out all the jazz, the blues, and Elvis, Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.

So now I've got all this room to download more music. I spent a few hours today looking at my fave vinyl and seeing if there was anything that I didn't already have on my iPod. I found a few things like Jesus and Mary Chain and The JB's. A couple of things didn't seem to exist on ILL, CD or on the iTunes store. It looks like I'll have to digitize "Seconds Out" by Genesis.

The other thing that wasn't available anywhere was one of my fave obscure LPs of all time. "Exposure" by Robert Fripp. It was his last "solo" album before he put the Adrian Belew version of King Crimson together.

I put it on to check out and I had totally forgotten about the amazing sample at the very beginning of the album. No background music. Pure vocals so it's a great sample. I always thought it had the potential to be just as memorable as the classic "this is the first song..."

You put the needle in the wax and you hear:

"Uh... can I play you, umm, some of the new things I've been doing, which I think could be commercial."

as soon as I heard it I realized it was perfect. I had to have as a sample at the beginning of "The Hate Song". What a perfect way to start out my project!

so I did it. I digitized the entire LP and then opened up "The Hate Song", created a new track, and recorded the sample. It took a little while to figure out how to shift the entire song a few seconds to the right the squeeze the sample into the beginning but I figured it out. and it sounds awesome! the icing on the cake...

I went ahead and burned it to a CD to create an MP3 file and went ahead and uploaded it to the new pudgenoise.com site. I checked it out and it sounds awesome. I'm completely happy with it now! I'm so happy with it that I'm going to just leave it up at this point. Hopefully my web hosting company won't take it down before I get a chance to send out an email to all my friends and have them check it out. I don't think that'll happen though...

the website is done for the most part. it works. it functions. I would like it to be better and I'll be working on the CSS coding. but I could send out the email tomorrow and I would be happy. I'm ready to go for the 1st!

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