Thursday, July 1, 2010

Haven't done crap...

I haven't done anything in weeks. nothing... have barely thought about the site and/or my music.

To be honest I got totally caught up in life. The second week of the month was my son's birthday and it seems like I got totally caught up in that. Then last week Julia and I flew off to SF for a week to celebrate our anniversary. I spent a lot of time before we left planning and thinking about the trip. When we were away I didn't even think about updating the blog. I didn't bring my computer with me so I couldn't work on the songs or anything. It was an awesome trip though!

so now it's July 1st and I have nothing ready. I'm trying to figure out what to do? I could just skip a month. blow off July and post a new song on August 1st. I also have one thing in the can that is totally 100% done. but it's sort of a "cheat" in my mind. It's the version of Dead Pope with Tommy singing instead of me. I only released Dead Pope a couple of months ago. It seems too soon.

so what I'm thinking of doing is just putting something out there late. give myself a week or so. got a long weekend coming up with the holiday. and I always can just blow off the month as a last resort.


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