Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Song of the month for October


Here is the link for the October Pudge Song Of The Month.

Whatever you do, do NOT click on this link.

This month the song is evil and disturbing. You do NOT want to listen to it.

It is noisy and offensive and super long. Over 17 minutes of aural torture and pain!

It is called Mental Music (Halloween Mix).

It is based on the radio shows that Jamie Hodge used to do in the middle of the night at WHPK back in the early 90’s. We would “mix” together two (or three) completely different records and add samples to it all. Sort of early mash-ups but more noise based. This song is a pretty good
re-creation of what you would have heard if you had tuned your radio to 88.5 FM in the wee hours of the morning on the south side of Chicago.

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  1. Nice, I really like this one. Not just because of the memories, either!